Vehicle Exchange Program

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Within the first 3 business days or 150 miles from date of purchase/lease (whichever comes first), the purchaser/lessee may return an eligible vehicle to the selling Tri Star location for an exchange ofanother eligible if not completely satisfied with the vehicle.

If, during the 3-Day/150-Mile Vehicle Exchange Program period, the purchaser/lessee chooses to trade in the vehicle to the selling dealer for another eligible pre-owned vehicle or a new vehicle, the purchaser/lessee will receive credit for the following amounts paid toward the vehicle returned: the “down payment,” the “Agreed-Upon Trade-in Value,” and any amounts paid toward the principal balance/capitalized cost of the finance agreement.

Exchange is of greater or equal valued vehicle. Sale discounts and or rebate changes will be factored into the exchange.


All vehicles except those explicitly excluded below are eligible for the 3-Day/150-Mile Vehicle Exchange Program if returned to the selling dealer within the first 3 business days (a business day is when the selling dealer has normal scheduled operations) or 150 miles (whichever occurs first) of delivery. Qualifying vehicles may be exchanged within the first 3 business days or 150 miles (whichever occurs first) of delivery for a vehicle of equivalent value.

The vehicle must be currently owned or leased by the original purchaser/lessee. The vehicle must be returned in the condition in which it was delivered to the customer without damage or excessive wear and tear.

Customer must qualify for financing on the exchange vehicle and meet all stipulations and requirements from lender. Refer to the Vehicle Inspection section below.


  • Fleet purchases and fleet lease vehicles
  • Vehicles used for livery, taxi, or delivery services
  • Customers who exchanged a vehicle under the 3-Day/150-Mile Vehicle Exchange Program within the previous 12 months
  • Vehicles that have had aftermarket accessories installed (e.g., air conditioning, lift kits, wheels, etc.)

Vehicle Inspection

Any vehicle returned under the 3-Day/150-Mile Vehicle Exchange Program will be inspected by the dealer for damage and excessive wear and tear. If non-warranty repairs equal to or greater than $300 have been performed or are necessary as a result of the customer’s use of the vehicle, the vehicle is not eligible to be returned. If less than $300, the damage repair estimate will be deducted from the credit amount.

Valuation of Trade-In Vehicle

If the customer trades in her/his current vehicle as part of the vehicle purchase transaction, the “Agreed-Upon Trade-in Value” will be used in determining the value to be applied to an equivalent vehicle.


There may be instances when the customer elects to return a vehicle under the 3-Day/150-Mile Vehicle Exchange Program then orders a replacement vehicle instead of buying/leasing one out of the dealer’s inventory. In these cases, dealer will provide alternate transportation or allow the customer to keep the original vehicle while the replacement vehicle is on order.